Resistance Bands Offer Strength, Flexibility, And Effectiveness

Fitness bands are an excellent choice for exercise, but how do you find the best resistance band set among the different products available?

Who is Using Resistance Bands for Exercise?

While they are excellent for aerobics, there are a growing number of people realizing their benefits in many other types of fitness routines to help improve their health. Here is an in-depth look at what they are and why their use is on the rise.

What Exactly Are Resistance Bands?

Sometimes called fitness bands, resistance bands are strong, rubberized fitness tools that can be added to a workout to increase resistance that the muscle has to work against. The best bands will be made of a high-quality material that won’t break, will be fully portable, and will offer you a complete workout wherever you are.

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We mentioned ‘portable’ above and this really is one of the beauties of your mobile fitness partner. Many of us are on the move far more regularly these days.

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Whether that is due to work commitments or leisure pursuits you may well be away from home a significant amount of your week or most weekends.

You can pack your resistance bands in the suitcase or slip them easily into the back of the car and use them when you are en-route to your destination or once you are there. This means that you will never need to miss another workout.

Where Should You Look for The Best Resistance Bands?

When you are looking at resistance bands you need to find a company offering quality, strength, and experience.

Look at the market leaders in this field who have a proven track record in terms of quality, design, guarantees, and customer service that is second to none.

One company in particular has a dedicated on-line workout and exercise channel that offers close on 2,000 instructional videos for you to choose from.

These are clear instructional videos showing you exactly how each of these exercises should be carried out correctly, and if you need encouragement and support you can actually workout with the team and follow along with the guided stops.

The Best Fitness Bands Come With Superb Guarantees and Warranties

Take a long look at the warranties each company offers. This is one product where simply opting for the lowest price will not benefit you in the short, medium or long term.

You will find a company that is so confident in their exercise bands that your order comes with a lifetime warranty on any defective bands.

In the unlikely event that any of the equipment is damaged, a great company will replace your order free of charge within the first three months, and after this period you can often replace any damaged band at minimal cost without being responsible for the shipping and handling charges.

You can find a comparison chart of various brands here.

Satisfaction is Important to You And It is Important to Them

We mentioned the importance of customer service earlier in the piece; here is a solid example of this from the top company in the market. If you use the best exercise band set regularly for a six-week period and you do not see any improvements, then you can contact them and claim a refund.

Some Advantages of Exercising With These Bands

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages you can benefit from by using this type of exercise:

All Fitness Levels

Exercising with resistance bands is great for all fitness levels.  As long as you use the bands correctly, they are ideal for beginners and more advanced fitness enthusiast.

Since the bands can be “stacked” (i.e. using more than one band at a time), you can slowly build up to higher levels of resistance.

Increased coordination

When you exercise with resistance bands there is tension throughout your routine. This tension means that you need to stabilize your body. It is this stabilization that will help to balance and coordinate your body and movements, forcing you to involving more muscle groups.


If you have regularly worked with weights you will know there is a limit to the amount of exercises you can do. A resistance band set allows you to change positions in multiple ways.

This means that you are never short of variation in your workout. An added bonus is that with regular use of the bands you will also find that your body changes how it works and how it reacts to different strength levels.

Smoothest Resistance

When you are working with exercise bands you want ones which offer the smoothest resistance. This means you should search for those bands made of elastic resistance tubing.

This material is super smooth, incredibly light, and yet extremely flexible.

Quick Clip System – Allows Differing Levels of Tension

It is important that you are offered different levels of tension. By having a quick clip system, users of all strengths will obtain the best possible workout each and every time the bands are used.

This approach uses heavy duty aluminum clips secured to  each end of the bands; they can quickly and easily be attached to handles and ankle straps.

This is a simple yet effective design that gives you the ability to generate between 15 and 100 levels of tension depending upon the set of resistance bands you purchase.

Where to Buy Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are available in many places. Good quality sports shops and department stores in your town stock them, as do gyms and some sports centers, particularly those that offer group workout classes.

However, for the fastest information on any consumer product today, you would be wise to look on the internet. Here you will always find both professional and real-customer reviews to help pick the right band for you.

The best products will also be supplied to you directly from the company instead of through a third-party vendor, so you have the added benefit of scoping out good deals from the manufacturer.  In addition to offering special prices on different sets of bands, you will be given excellent customer service in terms of having any questions answered and you will be assured of the water-tight warranties and guarantees.

Choose the Best – Achieve the Best

We all have different fitness needs. By choosing the best exercise band set on the market you will receive flexibility and exercise variety to reach exactly the level of fitness you want in the way you want.